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“The Jungle Patrol” specializes in organizing private and custom-tailored safaris at Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR), located near Chandrapur in Maharashtra. The Park is the oldest national park of Maharashtra & is spread over an area of 600+ square Kilometers and has a population of more than 40 Tigers, and falls under the

India’s Project Tiger.

TATR is often referred to as the "Jewel of Vidharba". Tadoba get its name from ‘Taru’, the local deity who apparently was killed in an epic fight with a Tiger. The area was once highly populated by the Gond tribes. The park is spread over an area of 625 sq km. The geographical coordinates of TATR:

Latitude - 20°4'53" N and 20°25'51" N

Longitude - 79°13'13" E and 79°33'34" E

Altitude - Average 284.07 m above sea level

Tadoba Flora:

The Tadoba flora is dominated by Teak associated with bamboo, accompanied by Shisham, Ain Tendu, Karu, Bija, and Behada etc.

Tadoba Fauna:

While TATR is a haven to spot Tigers, it also has many other rare Indian wildlife species like Sloth Bears, Indian Wild Dog, Bison, Leopards, Civets, Spotted deer, Sambhar, Barking deer, Marsh Crocodiles, Four Horned Antelope (Chousingha), porcupine etc.

Tadoba Avifauna:

280 species of birds have been found in and around Tadoba. It is favorite visiting place of Migratory birds particularly Erai dam, Moharli lake, Naleshwar dam etc. The common birds are Coots, Pintails, Brahmany duck, Rare birds like Lesser adjutant stork, Sarus crane are also observed. The other species are common Peafowl, Egret, Snake birds, Little Cormorant, Openbill stork, Kingfisher, Lbis, Indian Roller, Grey headed fishing eagle, Crested serpent eagle, Tree pie, Owl, Redwattled lapwing, Indian Pitta, Paradise flycatcher etc.

Best time to observe bird life is early morning.

Important Water holes at TATR:

Tadoba Range:   Tadoba lake, Pandharpauni bodi No. 1, Pandharpauni bodi No. 2, Bison bandhara, Kala Amba, Dauna, Koramatka, Udarmatka, Bhanuskhindi, Katezari, Ambathira, Zarimandir, Vasant Bandhara.
Kolsa Range:   Hirdi nala, panghar, Fulzari, Kakadghat, Shivanzari, kasarbodi, Kuwani, Pipari bodi, Khatoda talao.
Moharli Range:   Teliya, Teliya Pazar, Andhari river, Waghdoh, Mahalgaon Talao, Ambeutara.
* The above information has been provided courtesy of the Conservator of Forests & Field Director Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve
TATR is open for most part of the year and always offers some great experiences and wonderful holidays. Tadoba is closed every Tuesday, Holi & 31st Dec.

We look forward to working with you and planning some brilliant jungle safaris that will remain etched in your memories as a unique experience & dream of your lifetime.

By taking a holiday at TATR, while you will have enjoyed the experience and carry back great memories lasting a lifetime, you will also be directly contributing to the noble cause of maintaining the habitat, environment, welfare of the local tribal people and also in initiatives related to the forest department, since a part of the safari fees of “The Jungle Patrol” will be directed into such activities.
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